How to prepare before the cutting ?

Before you truly begin your work of cutting, a few preparatory steps are necessary: prepare the work area, choose the right fuels and lubricants and refuel your best chainsaw. Find the tips for the best use of your chainsaw: read the instructions carefully in the manual and if you have any further questions, please contact your dealer.

How to prepare the work area before cutting?

Before starting your chainsaw, you must make sure that your work area is secure.
You should take the following precautions:
Never work in enclosed or poorly ventilated rooms with your chainsaw, as the rotating motor generates toxic gases that are not necessarily visible and odorous. It is therefore advisable to work outdoors.

Check the surface of the ground or you will cut. This place must be dry (no water, no snow or ice) to avoid all slips. Avoid cutting on sloping or uneven ground and walking on freshly cut wood (bark).

If someone else is nearby, especially the children, keep them at a safe distance.
When you have filled up your chainsaw, you are ready to start.

However, in your own interest, you should observe the following safety instructions at your starting point:
Be at least 3 meters away from the location of your chainsaw.

Inspect the place where you will evolve. Observe the obstacles and make the condition of the floors. Always have a loophole in case of danger.

Make sure there is nobody nearby. But know that you must never be alone. Indeed in case of accident keep someone within reach of votes to be rescued.

Once all these precautions are observed, you can start your chainsaw. To start !.

What fuels and lubricants for your chainsaw?
To get started, your chainsaw engine needs an appropriate gasoline / oil mixture. As with your cutting device, it must be lubricated with chain oil to ensure good results and avoid unnecessary wear.
How to refuel your chainsaw?

Before refueling your chainsaw, always follow basic safety precautions:
Gasoline is extremely flammable. It is important to keep a sufficient distance between the flames and the fuel. No smoking. Make full tanks at least 3 meters from where you cut.

Switch off the engine before refueling. Allow the engine to cool down before refueling, as there is a risk of fire in the event of fuel overflow.

Carefully open the tank cap so that any excess pressure is released slowly and the fuel does not squirt out of the tank.

Always refuel in a well-ventilated area.
When refueling, you should take care not to spill fuel on the floor or on your clothes. If this happens, clean immediately and change clothes.

The next step is to determine if tools are needed to open your chainsaw tanks without tools:
In order to make tank filling a simple task, has developed an exclusive tool-free opening and closing system. The filling action is carried out with a turn of the hand, and in a safe way because the concept guarantees a perfect seal.
Step 1 of 5: Refueling must take place in the cleanest and flatest area. Lay your chainsaw, tank cap facing up.
Step 2 of 5: Clean the area around the tank openings with a clean cloth.
Step 3 of 5: Remove the upper wing from the tank cap, and then turn the cap until it stops. Then remove the cap.
Step 4 of 5: Fill both tanks slowly and carefully. Transparent tanks allow you to see the fuel level at all times. And to ensure that there is no spill, offers you a patented automatic pouring spout for chain oil and mixing, to be fixed on your can.
Step 5 of 5: Replace the plugs on the tanks and secure them properly. Poor re-assembly will cause fuel or oil leaks. Warning! If there was a leak, do not start the engine (danger of fire = danger).

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