What do you get from Beans72 Pillow?

If you meet the trouble in sleeping every night, you always have a hard time falling or stay asleep; your pillows may be the culprit. In fact, not all of people know that pillows are designed for each of demand, not for all of us. A suitable pillow will help us sleep well and have full of energy in the next day. They are considered at the key for a sweet sleep.

According to research, there are just 14% people sleep on their back even though this position is the best one for sleeping. When sleeping in the back,  we can distribution your weight in all your body and maximizes the blood of flow.

Because there are 76 % people who are  side sleepers, companies deign most of the pillows to suitable for them. You can read more in side sleeper reviews to get more knowledge about this products. However, side sleeper will not fix for back sleepers, so finding the right pillow can be hard for back sleepers. This article will give you the best pillow for back sleepers – Beans72 to help you find the most suitable one for yourself.

Organic filling

For some people, the material which makes pillow is very important, it not only create the softness of pillow but also contacts with your skin. Beans 72 is a special product; it is made from organic materials – a buckwheat hull. It is filled with 100 % buckwheat hulls which were grown in the America. The most outstanding of a pillow is its flexibility and support. Besides, they also offer an organic, unbleached cotton which makes suitable for people who like in sustainability, improve their healthy and avoid some common skin problems.


The buckwheat hulls give us a high level of support but still keep the softness and comfort. Thí material also allows the effortless circulation of air in the pillow. You never need to worry about the sweaty night because the hulls keep the filling from getting heated.

Features and specifications

Besides material, this pillow also has some special characteristics:

– The product is entirely produced in the America-one of the biggest and quality market. Therefore, you do not need to worry about its quality as well as durability.

– Unlike other foam, this material help the pillow do not collapse. For a long using time, they still keep their shape. By this way, it can prolong its life by itself.

– Moreover, this product is every suitable for people who get hurt in neck and shoulder when sleeping. They are firm your head and shoulder, help you avoid the pain.

– Unlike other buckwheat pillows, this product is quite light. Therefore, you can take it everywhere you want.

– You can adjust the height of pillow, so that you can get the suitable thickness pillow.

Most of users are satisfied with quality of pillows. Buckwheat pillow are natural, safe and uinique. Even people who suffering from stiffness and aches, the pillows are capable of providing support where we need.

However, one of the problems of this pillow is its sound. The buckwheat hull move inside and rub against which creates some unpleasure feeling. This concern is a big shortcoming point of this product. However, you do not need to be worry because  after a using time, this noise with disappear. The material inside is polished, everything will be fine and you can enjoin your sleep in the best way.

In conclusion, Beans72 is one of products which in the organic tendency. With the quaility, unique and the excellent support, all of them make this pillow become of the best items for back sleepers.

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