What do you have when using an incubate?

Nowaday, incubators are more and more becoming one of the most popular product for every family because of its convenience. We can easily find their information as well as get one of them in the market and stores or just sit at home and search information on some website such as eggincubator.org to consider the price and buy one of them. What is the reason which makes incubator more and more favorites and replaces the traditional way.  This article will show you the benefits when using the incubators.


Incubate without hens

For many people who have a flock of chicken, a hen can lay eggs and take over their responsibility. However, for people who just start business, it will be difficult to find a chicken which can take care all the eggs. If we buy chickens to start the business, it will make a lot of money and do not bring real benefits. Therefore, an incubate is one of the good solutions for new people. You just need to buy fertile eggs and incubator and prepare to have a beautiful flock,

Bring more effective result

During incubating process, the movement of the hens can make the egg break. Moreover, the rate of hatching eggs is not high and homogeneous.  Besides, the changing of temperature during the brooding process can make the young be ill, get many diseases and survival rate is not high.

Protect the hens and increase productivity

To have a flock of chicken, a hen must spend a long time for this process. After each hatching cycle, it takes the hens lots of strength and egg-laying ability. Therefore, when we use the incubator, it can replace the birds, reduce their time for taking care the eggs, increase egg productivity. In another word, we can get the better result when using incubators.


The price

The price of incubator depends on which model that you want. The prices are from 30 dollars to more 100 dollars, and they can keep some egg from six to hundreds. In fact, you can get the cheap one, but you must spend the time for them. Three times a day, you must change the position of eggs by your hand to make sure all of part of the eggs can receive enough heat.

Besides, we must run this machine about 20- 25 days until the eggs hatch,  so you must spend an add finance fo an eclectric bill.

Adjust temperature and humidity

To create the best condition for eggs, we must consider the temperature and humidity carefully in an incubator.

– Temperature: the egg needs to be kept at 100 F degree during the incubating process. Some higher or lower level of heat can destroy all of your eggs.

– Humidity: the ideal level is about 40 to 50 percent first 18 days and 65- to 75 % for final days.

– Ventilation: egg sell are porous which allows oxygen to come can reduce carbon dioxide to exit. Incubators also need to have holes for fresh air to circulate which help the embryo can breathe.

If you do not follow the direction, all your eggs can not hatch, and your effort is useless. To use this device, you should have some basic knowledge about machine to get the best result.

In conclusion, these are some basic information that the article mention. With these benefits and drawback, you can consider if your family should buy one incubator. Hope after reading this article; you will have a right decision and have a beautiful flock of chicken. Good luck!

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