What should you consider before using a table saw ?

A table saw is one of flexible equipment that is easy to use and helps to save the time. Table saw are used for cutting boards and making long vertical cuts. Because of the benefits that it offers, users always want to choose the best table saw to serve their purpose. The problem is if you follow the right techniques and have correct safe equipment, you will have the good precise cuts and get a good performance. If you do not care about these problem, you not only get the bad performance but also is in the risk of dangerous.

– Wearing eye and ear protection is one of top note that you should not forget when using the table saw. This prevents sawdust and wood debris from attacking your face and eyes.
– Using a push shoe, splitter or push stick when cutting thin board. When cutting in such case, the space between your hand and the blade is not much, that is the reason why you need to use a push stick to guide your wood as it gets cut.

– Using clearance inserts. This equipment can protect your finger from being close the blade. A suitable insert can become a fence of your saw blade and help you safely. Besides clearance insert, you also you a pushing device to protect your hand.

– Have you thought about installing the blade guard properly? It can prevent debris from come back and keep your finger safe from the blade. You can find this equipment from your table saw manufacturer. Many modern blade guard can be reattached.

– Identify the emergency button. Most of the table saw will offer an emergency button for the accident. If something happens, you should quickly turn off the machine and that why you need to identify it before using.

– Do not wear loose hanging jewelry or clothing. They can be a beginning of the accident. Loose clothing can be trapped in the saw and pull you toward it. Besides, if you have long hair, please make sure that you tie it up before starting to use the table saw.

– Read the instruction manual carefully. Every product always comes with “ Read instruction carefully before using” and the table saw is not an exception. In fact, you may be proud of you are well know about the table saw and have experience in using them. However, nowadays, there are too many table saws in the market and the problem is different types of table saws will have different features. Reading manual will help you know well about the structure of the saw, identify the emergency button and other information. Though that, you can find the proper safety precaution to apply for a different machine.

In conclusion, these are some small but important notes that you should consider before using the table saw. Hope with this article, you know well about safety method to protect yourself and other people.

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